About Me

Creative solutions for conscious businesses.

Alex has been supporting Draper University since shortly after it was founded. He dedicated almost 6 months out of the year for two years in a row to supporting the university, students and staff with his creative skills.
Tim Draper
Billionaire venture capitalist

Early Start

Starting early in an industry that would become my future, I attended my first Tony Robbins seminar at age 11 in Sydney, Australia.

Fun Fact: I won the game of Simon Says out of 3000 people.

Nov 09, 2004

School + Teens

Diving into music and performing set a foundation for my musical and creative abilities.

Instead of partying, I'd sit in my room and watch marketing videos by Frank Kern and Brendon Burchard.

Nov 09, 2004

First Big Break

I had the opportunity to either complete my final school exams or to travel to Fiji and shadow the AV production team at a Tony Robbins Platinum Partner event.

Nov 09, 2004

You Need a Website?

Surrounded by life coaches, I realized that many of them needed websites and branding and saw an opportunity to offer a solution.

Nov 09, 2004

Freelance in the USA

While immigrating to USA, I began to build a clientele for websites and marketing solutions.

Nov 09, 2004

Ashy Bines: Raw

I had met Ashy and Steve at a Tony Robbins Life Mastery event in Fiji. Steve approached me with the idea of living with he and Ashy for 6 weeks and creating a YouTube docu-series of the real life of Ashy Bines. 

The project was a soaring success, propelling Ashy's image, brand and presence into the future.


Nov 09, 2004

Welcome to Silcon Valley

I got the gig as the in-house videographer for Draper University, a new venture from Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist, Tim Draper. I filmed and edited hours of seminar content, recap videos and interviews. Bitcoin was priced at around $200.

Nov 09, 2004

Vegas, Baby!

With an active clientele, I moved to Las Vegas to be closer to one of my primary clients.

I continued to work deeply with a select few clients rather than build an agency where I would lose touch with being able to deliver real value.

Nov 09, 2004

Network Marketing Pro

I received a call to work an event for a guy called Eric Worre. I'd never heard of him before. His event was in 2 weeks and he needed someone to run the graphics at a 3000 person event.

Nov 09, 2004

Mr Go Pro

I would go on to work more consistently with Eric, ultimately being offered the position of Head of Marketing in his organization.

Nov 09, 2017

Expert Status

Having supporting speakers and experts behind the scenes for so many years, I developed a passion for speaking & coaching.

Alex King Speaking Ignite Young Living 2020

Nov 09, 2017

Meet, Ashley Diana

Ashley Diana and I started as business partners and then built a life and business together.

Our projects have reached hundreds of thousands of people all over the world and resulted in millions of dollars in online sales.

Nov 09, 2017

Affirmation Babe

At the onset of the pandemic, Ashley & I created a project called Affirmation Babe. Both being passionate about the work of Louise Hay and Bob Proctor, we wanted to bring a new flare to the world of positive self talk. 

Combining our talents, we launched the project as a podcast. One year later, Affirmation Babe has millions of downloads, and listeners all over the world.

Nov 09, 2017

Your Best Life Now

I received an email from a colleague from my days of working with Tony Robbins. She mentioned she was producing an event and needed an AV guy (that's the technical term in the industry). She said the event was in Costa Rica in 4 days. 

Not knowing exactly what I was getting into, of course I said yes.

Fast forward, I've been a part of the YBL team for the events that followed and look forward to continuing the journey with them.

I also built their website & edited their reflection videos.

Nov 09, 2017