Website Redesign: Condor Journey

I absolutely loved creating this website for Victoria Johnson and her brand, Condor Journey.

Victoria found me through my client, Zoë Kors sharing my $2500 Website Package on Facebook.

Victoria has been a leading authority in the shamanic healing space for decades and I was really disappointed to see that she didn’t have a brand and website that did her work justice.

Like every project I start, after the first burst of creativity, the batteries begin to run flat and I began trying weird and creative ideas to get the feel I wanted.

Fortunately, Victoria has beautiful professional photography supporting her brand and her work. The photographer that lives near her in Ashville, NC specializes in wedding photography. Wedding photographers are so ideal for capturing bloggers and influencers. At a wedding, they’re forced to tell a story with their photographs and find interesting ways of directing their client. Just imagine what kind of images they could capture of someone that does powerful and inspiring work.

Very soon, I’ll be writing a post about how to find a great Blog Photographer on

Look at some of the beautiful photography I was able to work with.

One of my favorite parts of the website is the home page where the introduction text on the black background seamlessly blends into the standing photo of Victoria. I love this!

Victoria’s site was a joy to make and I’m so pleased with the transformation.

Thank you Alex! I am telling my friends about you, and have shared the site with them in person. They love it and are so delighted that you “get” my work.

Before After

Thanks again, Alex, for the beauty you brought to my work!

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