Stand Guard

I don’t even know how many people I’ve either unfriended or unfollowed on Facebook.

I know it’s a lot. Mostly annoying Personal Development peeps or losers from High School that I want to erase from my memory.

Here’s something I learned as I was aging from my late teens to early twenties…

You need to stand gaurd at the door of your life.

For me, this means cutting away or blocking anything that brings you down.

Whether it’s a “friend” on Facebook or a person in real life, it’s a great practice to get into. Cutting away what doesn’t belong there. Without the guilt of “Oh what will they think?” or “Am I a terrible person?”

As a side note, there are one or two people that I have and will intentionally keep on my Facebook News Feed.

Now this will sound terrible…

These people are there as a constant reminder that…

My life isn’t THAT bad.

Awful right? But weirdly motivational.

I’ve definitely found myself wanting to “block” things from real life. Let me know if you have too.

  • Any Justin Bieber or One Direction song
  • Terrible TV commercials
  • Religious Billboards
  • … you get picture

I think I’ve definitely become more aware of how and when I should creatively distract myself or conquer overwhelm. Charging through the task at hand isn’t always the best option to me.

My challenge and question to anyone reading this would be…

Are there things / people / files / folders / pictures / reminders in your life that give you the same feeling or emotion every time you see them but for whatever reason, you haven’t just removed them from your life?

Not to say I’m the master at this, but just as you remove things that bring you down, it’s great to add things that raise you up.

How’s that wallpaper on your iPhone that you check 50+ times a day? How does that shirt make you feel compared to the one you’re wearing?

You are in control. Put things in front of you that make you feel good and get rid of the rest.

It may be entertaining to laugh at people or judge people you once knew on your News Feed, but your time and energy is better spent distracting yourself with something that makes you feel good.

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