School Teachers Are Dumb (Sometimes) & How I Cheated

This blog will confirm two things.

  1. You can pretty much make up anything in High School English and as long as you present it properly, you’ll pass.
  2. I was a complete smart ass in school – but it helped with this task.

I can’t say that I completely remember what the assigned task was but I do know that we (as students) had to produce either a written or recorded English piece. Of course, I didn’t really focus on my homework… I was busking (street performing), playing gigs, delivering pizzas & cleaning a bank every weekday throughout 2010.

Anyway, I left this task until the night before it was due, which no one else is dumb enough to do, but I am.

Every night or so, I would routinely walk to the supermarket next door to where I was staying and buy frozen raspberries (high recommend).

I decided to film my adventure with a Kodak ZX1 ($99 Camera), quickly edit it in iMovie and submit it as my assignment.

I submitted the edited piece, a recorded explanation of it and a written explanation of it.

“The pondering walk of the main character only expresses this feeling of loss and may anger the viewer or trigger the viewers emotions.”

Here’s the masterpiece:

Here’s the explanation (pardon the editing):

Now, I don’t know what I was expecting but I can’t say that I really cared either. Looking back on it, I feel like it was somewhat of an accomplishment. Everyone complains about the stupid metaphors that English teachers seem to make up about parts of book or film, so I thought it was cool that I got the result that I got… I will say, there were 20 or so other students in the class and the mark was out of 10.

Here’s the teachers response…


I beat some people in the class who actually tried… All I Do Is Win.

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