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The Free Thinker

If you’re someone who posts a running commentary about the world’s headlines while also presenting yourself as a “free thinker” that “isn’t controlled by the masses.” Guess what… You’re still being controlled. Truly “not being controlled” by the world’s events means that regardless of what is making headlines this week, it doesn’t diverge you from…

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Website Redesign: Condor Journey

I absolutely loved creating this website for Victoria Johnson and her brand, Condor Journey. Victoria found me through my client, Zoë Kors sharing my $2500 Website Package on Facebook. Victoria has been a leading authority in the shamanic healing space for decades and I was really disappointed to see that she didn’t have a brand…

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New Website for 2017 / 2018

2017 has probably been one of the most transformational and testing years of my life. With this transformation, I’m happy to present the new iteration of my website.

Stand Guard

I don’t even know how many people I’ve either unfriended or unfollowed on Facebook. I know it’s a lot. Mostly annoying Personal Development peeps or losers from High School that I want to erase from my memory. Here’s something I learned as I was aging from my late teens to early twenties… You need to…

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School Teachers Are Dumb (Sometimes) & How I Cheated

This blog will confirm two things. You can pretty much make up anything in High School English and as long as you present it properly, you’ll pass. I was a complete smart ass in school – but it helped with this task. I can’t say that I completely remember what the assigned task was but…

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