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I am a Creative Expert specializing in developing content for Businesses & Entrepreneurs.

I create spectacular content for individuals, businesses and organisations to showcase their products and services.

I’ll be brutally honest with you and say that I prefer to discover and explore other’s ideas that resonate with me. When I find these people, I then contribute my skill set to the pursuit of their media goals rather than focus on my own interpretations.

Nothing excites me more than finding an idea, a concept or a service worth sharing with the world. When I find people with flair and passion I work tirelessly to help them achieve their goals through presentation and design using spectacular video and great websites.  Scroll down to read more.

I take on a limited amount of clients at a time to focus my creativity and design selectively to exclusive clientele.

My mission is to serve and create amazing content that moves, teaches & inspires people and that leads my clients to their desired outcomes and success.



Completed High School

South Grafton High School, NSW, Australia

School was tough. I spent most of my time developing my own creative skills in Multimedia and Music. During my High School years I also performed in venues around my local city as well as delivering pizzas and cleaning a bank every night.

2011 – 2012

Scott Harris

Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

Straight out of High School, I was fortunate enough to work for Scott Harris. I developed his video and marketing content for his various projects.

Live Events / Personal Development


I was blessed with the opportunity to travel with a global Personal Development company learning the ways of the live production and A/V.

2012 – 2016

Alex King Creative


With a few years under my belt, I established myself as a Freelancer and began taking on clients. Over the years, I have taken on various ongoing clients and provided consulting and services to “one time” clients. I value quality, beauty and authenticity in the work that I do.


Aug. 2012

The Nillionaires

Born Wealthy

My friend Sam Hawleywood and I created The Nillionaires as a vehicle to spread our message of being born in the best time of the world’s existence. We spread awesomeness throughout the world and look forward to growing the message of The Nillionaires further.

Jan. 2013

EOS Programs

with Gina Kloes

Gina is an amazing and truly talented woman with so many gifts to share. I established Gina and her ventures under her brand, EOS Programs, a company committed to teaching, sharing and inspiring people all around the world. Gina’s brand has since been taken over and taken a number of turns for the worst. The branding has fallen short, the quality of design is sub-par and the message is confusing and inconsistent. It really doesn’t do Gina any justice.


Jan, 2014

The Ladies Coach

with Christal Fuentes

Christal and I relaunched The Ladies Coach brand at the start of 2014 and we’ve never looked back. She was stuck with a website and online presence that really didn’t make her feel passionate about her message. TLC is gaining followers and fans each day. We’ve expanded The Ladies Coach out to be a fully fledged online magazine featuring other authors & experts in the field of Relationships & Life.

Jan, 2014

Draper University

with Tim Draper

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be the resident Videographer & Photographer for Tim Draper’s Draper University. It’s a 6 – 8 Week Intensive Program that teaches people aged 18 – 30 the skills they need to thrive in the Entrepreneurial world. I worked four sessions for Draper University and still travel there from time to time to assist with their videography and production needs.

Feb, 2014

Off The Couch Program

with Jamie Greene

Jamie and I launched the very first Off The Couch Program. An entry level online, real time, interactive coaching program that takes people through various topics over 10 weeks. We have since repurposed the content into the new Off The Couch Program which can be purchased as an online members area.

May, 2014

Beyond The Couch Program

with Jamie Greene

Following the initial success of the Off The Couch Program. Jamie and I created Beyond The Couch, a monthly membership program that keeps people connected and accountable through Jamie’s coaching.

March, 2015

Bryan Reeves

Bryan and I were brought together by a series of interesting events. I’m sure I will write a blog about it one day. Bryan is one of the most socially shared relationship bloggers on the internet. At the crux of his organic online success, I was able to join forces with Bryan to capitalize on his online popularity.

March, 2015

Thrive Academy

with Jesse Koren & Sharla Jacobs

Through a friend of a friend, I was offered a job with Thrive Academy. This time, not using my online & development skills, but my live event and production skills. It’s a real thrill for me setting up AV equipment and being the producer for live events. The company has audiences as small as 50 and a large as 300+. I truly love being a part of the Thrive Academy family and look forward to continuing to support them.



Final Cut Pro X

Graphic Editing

Audio Editing

Video Equipent Configuration

Lighting & Sound

Event Production


Productivity & Systems Management

Presentations Editing (Keynote & PowerPoint)

CRM & Backend Setup

Social Media







Gina Kloes

Gina Kloes Founder of EOS Programs

I had always dreamed of having a creative department for my various businesses. When Alex King turned our dreams into a audio-visual reality.  His insight, experience, wisdom and extraordinary creative genius has helped our business grow and succeed exponentially.  His video productions interface with his social media and website design creating a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs needing to create, inspire and succeed.

Michael Blumberg

Michael Blumberg President & CEO of Blumberg Advisors

Alex King did a superb job in developing my presentation materials. He was able to quickly gain a good grasp of my content and just as quickly develop visuals that conveyed the meaning of my message.

Janie Eastoe

Janie Eastoe Owner of Naturality Wellness Centre

Massive thanks to Alex. His interpretation of my advertising needs and his understanding of the business model I’m wishing the design to portray. And SUCH efficient turn around of the work.

Kathy Kernochan

Kathy Kernochan Mira Costa High School, Manhattan Beach, CA

Alex King put together the most incredible, fabulous, personalized High School basketball video that I have ever seen!!!

It brought everyone in the audience to laughter and tears by the way he was able to capture the individual personalities of the players.  He had never even met 99% of the kids, but somehow, with his creative mind and tireless work ethic, he was able to incorporate the most special video through photos and film, that any of us had ever seen.​

We did not give him a lot of time to accomplish this very difficult task, but somehow he was able to surpass our expectations and do the most gorgeous visual presentation imaginable!

It was such a fantastic pleasure to work with Alex King, that I can’t wait to work on the next project!!!

Kerrie DiMattia

Kerrie DiMattia Owner of DiMattia Hairdressing

Alex King took about 30 mins of what seemed at the time to be quite random footage of my team preparing for a Hair Shoot, he then edited condensed & tweaked that footage into something that captured the very essence & energy of the day. It is something we look back & feel grateful that he did!


Carli Leimbach Creative Producer, Curator & Director

I worked with Alex King as a mentor on the Northern Rivers ArtStart Young Creatives Mentoring Project in 2011.

Twelve young creatives from across the Northern Rivers, Australia, representing a diverse range of interests including music, film, visual arts, fashion, creative writing, dance, street art, installation and videography, were selected to take part in this six month program.

The program was designed to give the selected participants creative direction and support from a specially selected mentor, and funds towards the achievement of a creative project.

Alex King stood out for me from the introduction session. At only 17, he was brimming with ideas, enthusiasm and appreciation for the program. It had a ripple effect on the group. When he started sharing his story and experience of growing up in Grafton I could see that he was pretty culturally isolated and hungry for dynamic creative input.

Alex King was already very skilled technically across video production and editing, which allowed us to focus on film language and the craft of digital storytelling. The finished film that he wrote, filmed and edited based around his recent experiences in Fiji ended up being a poetic and well-conceived piece.  Alex King and I remain Facebook friends and I continue to be inspired by his adventurous and creative spirit.


Chris Button Co-Owner Liveat Sandwich Bars

Having worked with many creative and design companies, we have learnt that getting the right information and material to the consultant is key in producing the desired outcome. We found Alex King to be very professional and at the same time approachable, enabling us to effectively communicate our needs. Alex works quickly and meets time frames that he sets, producing high quality work. Alex has a passion to get the clients work to the desired level with 100% satisfaction in mind.  Working with Alex was very easy. Upon transferring a large number of unedited files over his Dropbox, Alex was able to put together the media clip that we anticipated and love.


Monty G. Hooke Managing Director EZYVA: The World’s Smartest Outsourcing Solution

One of the key things I talk about is having an internal team as well as your virtual team. Whilst my business is selling staffing services from the Philippines, I’m very honest about what I do and don’t give to my team. Not everything should go offshore. Sometimes, when you find a creative genius who gets you, keep them, don’t try & replace them based on price. I get video blogs & the basics done by my team, They can do most things, but anything really creative that needs to tell a story I get my guy Alex King to do. He works with entrepreneurs especially, so he “gets it”.


Thomas Bähler Author & Speaker

I needed a quick turnaround for a membership site for which I had a short due date. Alex King came in and was able to create the full membership site in around two weeks. He was able to work with and coach my team to have the product ready in time for launch.

Fallon Wong

Fallon Wong Your Best Friend’s Friend Pet Sitting

Amazing! Accommodating! Flexible! Talented! Ninja! I love my new site. Thank you!


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